In this role, take the ownership for handling and maintaining data storage’s engineering process, including networks in an organization. Build strategies and planning and implementing solutions for storage and maintenance of data and backing it up off-premises.  Comprehending the requirements of organizations and providing technical support round-the-clock.


Santa Clara, CA



What You’ll Do

Storage Engineer is responsible for provisioning, applying patches, upgrading software, and making sure that data is secured.


They are also responsible for monitoring the storage area network (SAN), CIFS, and NFS for errors, optimization, capacity planning and performance. Maintain the fiber channel switches and SAN arrangements by ensuring that software and firmware are in keeping with the latest needs of an organization. Performs system backups and recovery. Maintains data files and monitors system configuration to ensure data integrity. Responsible for backup integrity, upgrades to software, recovery coordination and planning.


Possess considerable logic and understanding to analyze and troubleshoot problems

Desired Skills:

  • Backup Management Software;

  • Backup/Archiving;

  • Requires a high level of expertise in multiple system environments.

  • Experience with networking, storage and systems administration.

  • Provides efficient and reliable storage allocation and defines backup, recovery, archival procedures.

  • Develops and implements business continuity practices for storage management and documentation.

  • 5+ years of experience in a mid to large storage environment with high performance and high availability expectations.

  • Experience installing, configuring and provisioning data storage.

  • Previous experience with SAN zoning of hosts and storage including switch management / upgrades.

  • Archiving and data protection experience including, snapshot, compression / deduplication, replication and traditional backup technologies.

  • Enterprise level Disaster Recovery understanding and experience.

  • Extensive experience with Commvault Backup software up to at least version 11.

  • Extensive experience administering Volume Managers, file systems, and Backup and Recovery software.

  • Experience with Brocade / Cisco fiber switches