Specializes in designing, building and installing software for existing or new networks and infrastructures. By writing and creating platforms, our networking software engineers allow organizations to operate more efficiently, maximize their productivity and function securely.


Santa Clara



What You’ll Do

Providing services related to designing, delivering and maintaining solutions for both secure and

non-secure data communications systems which may include network management equipment,
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) equipment, Internet Protocol (IP) equipment, channel banks,
high to low level multiplex equipment, switching systems, Channel Service Units (CSU), Digital
Service Units (DSU), wireless access points, encryption tools and interfaces, signal conversion and
interface equipment.
o This also includes all systems residing on the customer premise, beyond the carrier
demarcation point.
o This may include, but is not limited to, planning Data networks, designing infrastructure,
as well as engineering, installing, testing, and maintaining network wired and wireless

  • Deploying Quality of Service (QOS) to prioritize network traffic and improve customer experience

  • Supporting networking leveraging IPv4 and experience supporting the upgrade and conversion to

  • IPv6

  • Developing documentation and diagrams that support network engineering, transition, and

  • operations.

  • Applying network engineering principles, methods, and tools for integrating components (for

  • example, network equipment, protocols, telephony) to meet the client's mission requirements.

  • Gathering network information requirements using analysis of the Network engineer(s) in the

  • development of enterprise-wide or large-scale networking infrastructure (CAN, MAN, WAN).

  • Performing and supervising general voice and data network administration, provides technical

  • leadership in the integration and testing of complex large-scale networks.

  • Scheduling network conversions and cutovers and supervise maintenance of network systems.

  • With no guidance, deploys, configures, improves, and supports scalable production and corporate

  • network infrastructure following enterprise best practices.
    Required Qualifications

  • U.S. Citizenship and the ability to successfully pass a federal background investigation.

  • Extensive experience with Network Infrastructure management and Design as it relates to the

  • architecture/topology of software/hardware/networks, including LANS/WANS, their components
    and associated protocols and standards, and how they integrate with one another.

  • CCNA or other applicable Networking Certification

  • Ability to conduct activation, back-up, deactivation, and restart of network resources/services.

  • Ability to evaluate communication hardware and software, troubleshoot LAN/MAN/WAN and

  • other network-related problems